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Here is a quick Battlefield 2 and 2142 page with some handy info, tips, and links.

This page now contains quick links to the info now updated in our Forums.

Info on the latest BF2 Patch here!

BuddaBudda Forums

Feel free to register your account as well and send me and email/PM through the forum to get added to the group so you can see the Clan forum sections.

How do I join the clan?

Stats references

Use the buttons at the top of the page or click this title link to the forum topic with all the details.

Voice communications - TeamSpeak

So you can hear the other clan members scream (warnings of course), download TeamSpeak from the official web site.
The Instructions for setting it up can be found here on our forums. You need to be registered and authorised as a clan member to view.

BF2 handy links:

And feel free to check out our google links below to help us raise the funds to upgrade the server!

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