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New user registration temporarily disabled
Posted by Mort on Sun 08 Jan 12:18 PM
The forum is currently getting hammered by spam/fake user registrations, so I've disabled them for the time being. Given the huge number of legit registrations we usually get each day, this is not expected to be much of an issue.
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Post 11,000!!
Posted by Mort on Fri 15 Apr 00:08 AM
This is the forums 11,000th post.

That is all.
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Forum database corruption
Posted by Mort on Sat 11 Apr 15:22 PM
We experienced a database corruption a few days back that I've only just noticed. As result I've had to restore from backup from the 7th April.

I'm assuming there wouldn't have been any posts since then as the forums probably weren't working, but if you did post something, you'll need to post it again.
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New website style
Posted by Mort on Tue 13 Jan 01:07 AM
It's been a while since the last change on the main website landing page (about 7 years?!?!?) but Mr Johnselmann has thrown together a quick refresh.

If you don't see it by default, then use the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen and select the "2015" skin.
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Forums Upgrade
Posted by Mort on Sun 02 Nov 15:02 PM
The forum software has just been upgraded to a major new release. There are a few things that will appear different, but for the most part it should be familiar enough to what you already know.

If you experience any issues or find something new that you like, let me know.
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